Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rattle & Hum: A Map of the Mysterious Noises & Booms of 2011 & 2012

This is one of those global unexplained phenomenon that always gets cast aside as they can, singularly, be discounted so easily - a military jet here, some tectonic settling there, etc... yet, if we are to believe the accounts, collected in their entirety, humans all across the world have suddenly forgotten how to interpret various natural and artificial sounds encountered on a daily basis and have turned into frightened, rabbit-like creatures with no frontal cortex.

Looking around for timelines, maps and general reports on the topic, I decided to start my own public Google Map of locations in which an unexplained skyquake, hum, boom, rumble, whistle, or other such noise was reported. In many instances, these sounds were so loud they were heard throughout entire halves/quarters/sides of counties, provinces, and other such geographical areas, so the little "pinpoint" on the map does not necessarily indicate where the sound was "only" heard, just a place in the range that exists on google maps.

Also, I did not include any reported incident locations in which there was any seismic activity related or other plausible explanations - these are truly the unexplained noises.

View Weird Noises & Booms - 2012 in a larger map

As you can see, this situation is global, reaching from Canada to New Zealand and everywhere in between. Here's a list of resources I used to gather the spots on this map:

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