Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sandy, Sandy, Sandy...

Nearly a month ago, we had one of the biggest Eastern Seaboard hurricanes in recorded history, the "Frankenstorm" known as Hurricane Sandy. It impressed meteorologists, earned rescue dogs lots of treats, unfortunately killed a few dozen people, and gave politicians like Gov. Christie and Pres. Obama the chance to roll up their sleeves and get good press doing stuff.

It, interestingly, after our earlier mega-disaster hurricane Katrina, which led to far more deaths and desolation due to multiple failures at multiple levels of government, lead to people cheering FEMA for actually doing what it was supposedly created for. People now, if they don't hate it, LOVE FEMA. "Thank god for FEMA," they say. 

You're reading this blog, so you probably already know about HAARP and chemtrailing and Geo-engineering and possibly how our very own Alaskan Death Ray could have been used to pump up the storm, mess with its direction and other such fancy weather control. If you're not convinced that HAARP and other tools of the Globalist Elites were used to "manage" Sandy, here's a video explaining it better than I can:

Ok so there's that... But that's not it! A few days ago, a certain article on caught my interest, proclaiming that a small island in the south pacific thought to exist and has been on scientific charts and maps for at least a decade (including Google Maps and Google Earth) was shown to actually not exist. Does that sound a little weird to you? It sounded weird to me. Then I read further and the name really caught my interest: the island "proven" not to actually exist is names Sandy Island!

Here's the imaging of it from Google Earth (credit goes to io9):

The article discusses how a team of geologists from various Australian institutions embarked on an expedition to this island only to find it wasn't actually there (actually they were just passing through, involved in a different, 25-day, scientific investigation and thought to check it out...)

Apparently, how an erroneous blip came to be on so many different maps worldwide is unknown and possibly a question for the ages:

"Dr. Seton (ed: the lead scientist) has no idea how the supposed island made its way onto so many maps, but is planning to follow up and find out."

Ok, very interesting! We have no idea how it popped up onto maps, who named it, or anything but one expedition from the Marine National Facility of Australia has proven it doesn't exist, and apparently have the sea-floor evidence (and likely photos of an expanse of sea where a tiny island should be) to prove it. Those photos and that echo-location data is curiously absent from the io9 article, the original article from the Sydney Morning Herald, and another report from Russia Today. We must assume then, these things were not provided to the press, just verbal testimony from people claiming to have been there. In other words, the public has no actual proof of the expedition's claims.

The little splotch of land named Sandy Island is, according to measurement w/ Google Earth, approximately 14 miles long and 3 miles wide. For comparison -- Manhattan Island is 13.4 miles (21.6 km) long and 2.3 miles (3.7 km) wide, or so says Wikipedia. So this island that allegedly doesn't exist is just a smidgen bigger than Manhattan.

Now, I won't treat my readership like idiots. We all know of the theory that, at some time in the not-to-distant future, The Powers That Be will release a super-bug - a Captain Trips style megavirus that decimates about 90% of the population. While this pandemic rages, they hightail it to a nice cozy island with no incoming or outgoing ports to keep themselves quarantined in style. Madagascar has always been a favorite go-to for the theorists, but wouldn't an island that the public doesn't even think exists be EVEN better?! And hell, there's about 1.6 million people living on Manhattan, somewhat comfortably, and Sandy Island has even a bit more breathing room than ol' Manna-hata.

But Madagascar could be off the table for the same reason Sandy was supposedly such a large and dangerous storm: Climate change. Madagascar is one of the places uniquely at risk from climate change, according to a report written for The World Bank (what a coincidence!) by some group called the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Climate Analytics. The conspiracy world's frienemy Chris Hedges quotes from the report:

“Changes in wind and ocean currents due to global warming and other factors will also affect regional sea-level rise, as will patterns of ocean heat uptake and warming. Sea-level rise impacts are projected to be asymmetrical even within regions and countries. Of the impacts projected for 31 developing countries, only 10 cities account for two-thirds of the total exposure to extreme floods. Highly vulnerable cities are to be found in Mozambique, Madagascar, Mexico, Venezuela, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam."

So, it looks like the Global Elitists can either cut out all their weather manipulation and keep their tickets to Lemurville, or continue the plan for global catastrophe and pick a new Bankster Island Paradise. It appears they chose the latter.

As people deeply steeped in the modus operandi of the Illuminati, it is very much in character for them to create a "mega ritual" in order to tell "those who have ears" of the developments, accomplishments, or "changes to the script." And of course, they never pull off a mega ritual for only one reason - killing two birds with one stone has been their thing all the way back to the first blacksmith and war profiteer, Tubal Cain. (get it -- Two Ball Cain). Two in the hand is always much better than one in the Bush.

So the point of the Mega Ritual of Hurricane Sandy (which, BTW, officially dissipated on Oct. 31st - Samhain, the pagan new years)? To further the agenda of "climate change awareness," and to signal a move in plans to New New Amsterdam -- Sandy Island, which now, officially, doesn't even exist.

And to make things just a little more interesting, SANDY, in Hebrew Gematria equals "353" and in English Gematria equals "378." Every word chosen for use by the Illuminati must have numerological importance. Sandy, which flooded Manhattan Island and nearly decimated Staten Island, and lends its name to a nonexistent island that just "somehow" is on nearly every map in the world -- is 353. As is the term "Black Islands." In other words, the Illuminati is telling the world, "these Islands belong to the Black Nobility."

As for the English Gematria of 378? Almost too easy -- 378 is also the "Palace Of Satan."


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