Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recent Military Disinfo on UFOs Vomited Forth By Assholes

Coming from a site/news-source I'd never heard of, Veterans Today, in an article titled "NASA: Hidden UFO Imagery Hacked," published a few days before this post, a claim has been made that Ricardo Baretzky, an establishment-connected UFO photo debunker & "security threat analyst," has cracked NASA photo encryption (chew on that if you can), and produced images of a highly-classified US military craft that, surprise surprise -- is a spittin' image of a triangular UFO!

The craft in question, as the article says, is:

"...the third version in the TR series, the first built in 1953.  Full capabilities of this craft are classified. (ed: this being known as the TR-3C aka "Black Manta" craft)
This is a fully armed and operational craft, capable of planetary defense against any known weapons including but not limited to ICBMs.
The drive is said to be a mercury/rare earth plasma system and a highly classified “energy cannon.”
There are two types of systems in use, including a “round” UFO of gigantic size which is not of “terrestrial origin.”

And here is the "hacked" NASA satellite image of the craft in flight (unauthorized, supposedly) over the Australian outback:

Don't bother about clicking to enlarge that image, that's the highest-res image the site provides. It does provide coordinates of that exact spot, however, in case you want to check it out with Google Earth or your own satellite imaging system if you happen to be some kind elite intelligence officer working with the shadow world government to disseminate disinfo... Since I'm not of the latter, I went ahead and fired up my copy of Google Earth. (the coordinates, btw, are given as 30°30’38.86″ S /115°22’58.17″ E)

And, I guess Mr.'s Gordon Duff and Ricardo Baretzky didn't expect anyone to follow up on this, but I did and I was able to produce this image straight-away without any special NASA imaging decoder ring:

(And you can click on that for a larger high-res image, showing all of the proper Google overlay stuff indicating the image has not been tampered with - although *FULL DISCLOSURE* I did use Photoshop to make the image slightly smaller as it was fucking huge and cumbersome to look at with an average browser on an average sized computer monitor.)

With this new image we get a much different story of whatever this object is. One, it is not hovering above the ground, it is ON the ground (which should have been obvious from the Veterans Today image as there is no triangular shadow being cast on the ground below it). From the perspective I used hopefully you can tell how flat this thing is, but if you go to the coordinates and and go to a ground level view you will find that it does not stick up from the ground AT ALL - it is completely flat.

So this is not a TR-C3 illegally monitoring the Australian outback, it is some kind of triangular design painted onto the ground. It's not a UFO at all, it's an Identified Non-Flying Object, an INO, I guess... but of course, the disinfo doesn't stop there, the article triumphantly crows that:

"The myth of the UFO can now be once and for all be clarified. During the investigation it was discovered that the picture ... emerged from a NASA Satellite taken in 2012 during flight over the Australian territory . It also come to light that some of google earth maps might have been altered to deliberately block out the images and seems to have been deleted from another versions in public use.
Baretzky said that more interesting pictures have emerged and is still at the counter intelligence laboratory for analyses, but so far it seems very promising and highly unlikely that these could be any false flag since they were taken by NASA’s own satellites in orbit."

Obviously several things are wrong with these statements... As I just proved, Google Earth maps have not been blocked or deleted, it was quite visible and accessible just today by lil' ol' me. Secondly, the telemetric data in this image was accumulated, as Google Earth clearly states, by SIO, NOAA, the Navy, the NGA, and GEBCO. NASA had no involvement in any of this. And the image was not taken in 2012! Again, Google Earth states that the date of the image is 3/19/2011 -- so it in no way came from a NASA satellite flyby in 2012. Sure, NASA may very well be covering up nice, clear images of the Cydonia region on Mars, but it had nothing to do with whatever this is.

Finally, this article has the audacity to suggest that this craft, the TR-3C, is the culprit behind the Phoenix Lights incident. This is beyond ludicrous. Although the thing in this image is clearly not a spacecraft of any kind, further analysis using the distance/size legend on Google Earth shows that the sides of this object are approximately 350 feet in length, making it an equilateral triangle. I did some math to find it's length down the center (or height if you're a math pedant), which comes out to be ~303 feet.

Just to refresh your memory, here's an summarization of eyewitness testimony (and actual photographic evidence!) concerning the size of the object seen during the Phoenix Lights incident:

"Initial reports described anywhere from 5-7 points of light, and ultimately 8 with a trailing ninth. The enormous object was extremely low, and mountainous areas could be seen behind the craft in pictures, therefore giving photographic experts scale to approximate the elevation from the ground, and the distance from the camera.
This would enable an estimate of the craft being a whopping one mile or more in length!"

I don't think I need to tell you that 303 feet is not a mile. But what about this TR-3C? Is it real? From its description it sounds like a man-made craft created from reverse engineering alien technology. Such things may very much be in existence, I'm not going to discount that! There is a lot on the web about the TR-3 series of confidential aerospace craft, so they could be real. But this is not a photo of one, and unfortunately I could not locate as of yet any info on size specs or anything beyond speculation by enthusiasts. As of yet there is no insider whistle-blower knowledge leaked to the UFO research community.

Plenty, however is known about the TR-B (or TR-2, the nomenclature used by researchers is all over the place) series, and all reports converge to its method of propulsion being a nuclear reactor engine, not the far more esoteric "mercury/rare earth plasma system" as claimed in the article. This kind of drive may exist but there's nothing concrete on that by a reputable source, unless you want to accept the claims of Bob Lazar, who is almost certainly a con-man and disinfo agent.

What we know for sure is that the article published on Veterans Today by Gordon Duff and Ricardo Baretzky is total disinformation, Ricardo Baretzky is a shady guy who has argued for internet censorship of "UFO hoax photos," and that if the TR-3C exists, the image in the article certainly did not capture it. If I were you I would not use Veterans Today as a news source in any way, and sadly it gives a bad name to and helps discredit the good and decent veterans actually working on finding out the truth about the military they once gave their bodies and minds to.



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