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Scientists Re-Open Door; Influenza

When I started this blog I wanted to post only hard hitting investigative and original investigative pieces that came directly from my own brain. Unfortunately, this meant very few posts. I have decide then, to lessen the strictures of blog posts here at the Contrarian Reverse-Dialectics Depot and cover things other blogs have already covered and allow for articles that are less comprehensive and damning. You may take this as a decrease in standards or quality, but I refuse to accept that getting more posts out means the quality of news and information on this blog will be any less. So starting now you will be getting more posts but they will likely be shorter and focus more on other sources, like regular blogs. I hope never to lapse into mediocrity, however.

This has been a particularly nasty flu season, as anyone who has gotten the highly virulent strain this season is well aware of. There is quite a bit of pathogen-related news out there at the moment, so this post will take a little time to examine some of it. Here's a little background from those friendly MSM shit-eaters at NBCNews: has posted an article confirming that scientists plan to restart mutating H5N1 (Bird Flu) and studying it, writing:

One year after public uproar forced them to pause, researchers who study H5N1 avian influenza by designing new, extra-virulent strains are set to resume their work.
In a letter published Jan. 23 in the journals Nature and Science, 40 virologists, including leaders of the most high-profile experiments, declared that their voluntary moratorium is now over.
Though the virologists might be ready, other experts say concerns about the experiments — overhyped benefits, a lack of independent review, dangers of accidental release — have not been addressed, raising the chances that the first pandemic H5N1 strain will come from a laboratory.

Well, as far as we can tell there is no real benefit to science or public health in these experiments. If the nature of viral mutations is what is to be explored, scientists can easily choose from less virulent and deadly strains of influenza. As for the risks, they could be incalculable. It is common knowledge that the anthrax used in the attacks of 2001, killing five people, was traced back to American "biosecurity" lab Fort Detrick (actually widely known to be a bioweapons R&D lab).

If disgruntled radicals, domestic or foreign terrorists want to use "weaponized" strains of H5N1 that have been mutated in some manner to increase its virulence, history has shown they will likely be able to get a hold of it if it exists. And indeed there is evidence that such sub-strains are in existence, as Wired continues:

News that experiments had enhanced H5N1 transmissibility was largely greeted with horror by the public and many scientists, who feared that an experimental strain might accidentally be released, or even inform the design of H5N1 by bioterrorists. 
Fouchier, Kawaoka and their colleagues argued that fears were overblown and surpassed by possible benefits: influenza surveillance that catches infectious strains early, better drugs, better vaccines. Faced with the outcry, though, they agreed in January 2012 to temporarily halt the research so that fears could be allayed.

The esteemed virologists, who are more than likely merely bioweapons developers being funded by the Dept. of Defense, cite flu monitoring and anti-viral drugs as excuses to play god with an already dangerous type of influenza. This is of course, total bullshit, since H5N1 is already resistant to Tamiflu, the most commonly used antiviral. And, all predictions and models and monitoring failed to alert the public beforehand  that the 2012-2013 flu season would be the "worst in decades." It seems as though the promise of bettering these things is a smokescreen and a cover story for the real purpose of this research: to develop a super-flu as a bioweapon.

Which brings us to the discussion of this current flu season and the strain going around causing people to be bedridden for weeks on end. This strain is the H3N2 variety, which was also the predominant strain during the 2004 flu season. Of course, its much worse than it was in 2004, which means in some way it must have mutated "up" rather than "down"; traditionally already existing strains of influenza mutate "down," decreasing in contagiousness and virulence as it is in a parasitic relationship with its host and the pressures naturally select specific viruses that cause less damage to their host - if the host dies so does the virus. This year's H3N2 seems to have mutated "up" -- causing more deaths in an unlikely manner. How could this have happened? Well one obvious culprit is bioengineering. 

Worse still, the current flu shot vaccine being offered is only 60% effective against this strain. Fortunately, it seems to be treatable in most cases by Tamiflu. Unfortunately, the more common flu strain in the US, H1N1, the strain that hits every year, is now resistant to that drugs in almost 98% of cases.

It is the position of the CRDD that H3N2 has been bioengineered and released onto the unsuspecting public at large as a large scale test of the spread and effects of a super-flu. Instead of using whatever super-flu strain likely already exists, they merely used a somewhat novel strain that could be tracked through the statistical noise of the regular flu season. And, if that's not bad enough, we're also getting double hit by an epidemic of norovirus:

So here's the upshot folks, if you work with elderly or young people, please get a flu vaccine, even if its not a silver bullet -- these yearly flu shots are not linked to cancer or autism or other illnesses besides getting flu-like for a day or two as your immune system creates antibodies for the pathogen. You can still get the flu even if you get the vaccine. If you have the flu, don't fucking go to work! Especially if you work in a very closed environment or in food service. You might get fired but if you do that job must have totally sucked and you should have quit it anyway. And fucking wear a mask if you go out in public.

Also, please leave the panicking and obsessing about super-flues and doomsday viruses to the professional paranoiacs here at the Depot and just try not to get sick; this thing should be over by late February. We'll keep you updated on what the bioweapon-engineering eugenicist Nazis are up to with H5N1. 


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